"My daughter loved her skating outfit."


 "My daughter really likes her outfit! The fabric feels comfortable and Skating pants feel warm on ice. She also really likes those emoji-figures."


 "The shirt arrived yesterday. It now fits perfectly and looks really, really good! It's the perfect length, also the arm length, and makes a lovely figure."


"Das Paket ist rasch angekommen! Vielen Dank, passt alles primal! Bis zur nächsten Bestellung."


A part of every sale goes to World Wildlife Fonds.


Besides this contribution we are committed to use more and more sustainable material for our products.

We are creating this lovely figure skating clothing especially for you. Always with the thought in mind to create high quality and comfortable skating wear to make the figure skater smile and feel happy :-). We have developed and improved our designs to achieve a perfect fit. Our clothes allow free movement while staying in place. Love Skating and have fun!

Swarovski Happy Smile Jacket
This wonderful figure skating jacket has nice, aquamarine contrast and a stunning, two-colored Swarovski Happy Smile on the left front pocket made of real swarovski crystals. It is made of warm fleece material, soft on the inside, flat on th ... (Read More)
From € 77,00
Swarovski Happy Smile Pants
This lovely pair of figure skating pants has subtile aquamarine contrasts at the low ends and the Swarovski happy smile on the back pocket is the eyecatcher. The wide waist band provides you with a very comfortable fit. With this classy figu ... (Read More)
From € 74,00
Emoji Pants
Good quality figure skating pants which put a smile on your face! These pants have a very comfortable fit and they are made of warm, soft material. Ones you put them on, you will not want to take them off anymore. Perfect to combine with the ... (Read More)
From € 63,00
Emoji long-sleeve Shirt
We are happy to introduce you to one of our bestsellers: The emoji figure skating long-sleeve shirt. It is super comfortable, has a good fit and it is made of warm material, soft on the inside, flat on the outside. Combine with the emoji fig ... (Read More)
€ 66,00
Bamboo T-Shirt, black
This super comfortable Sports T-Shirt is made of sustainable, extremely soft bamboo fabric.  It has a luxury look and ones you put it on, you will not want to take it off anymore. No ironing necessary, just hang it on a hanger to dry and it ... (Read More)
€ 29,00 € 19,00
Emoji T-Shirt
 This fabulous and colorful sports t-shirt is made of light spandex material with a soft feel. It makes you feel happy and special.  Just have some fun, you will love it!   Fun and comfortable Emoji sports T-shirt ... (Read More)
€ 33,00 € 23,00
Headband Winter Sparkle
Warm headband with lots of sparkle and beautiful ice crystals to let you shine on the ice. It is 8cm wide and covers the ears.     8cm wide With sparkeling snowstar crystals Warm a ... (Read More)
€ 15,00
Stirnband Winter Sparkle
Ein warmes Stirnband mit bezaubernden Schneekkristallen und Glitzer. Es ist 8cm breit und aus angenehmem Fleecematerial hergestellt.    8cm breit Glitzernde Schneekristalle Warm, sehr ... (Read More)
€ 15,00
Swarovski Happy Smile Headband
A stunning headband makes the whole outfit complete. The happy smile which is made of real Swarovski Crystals ensures a lasting appearance.   10cm wide With Happy Smile made of real Swarovski Crystal ... (Read More)
€ 24,00
Emoji Headband
This colorful headband spreads lots of fun. It is 10cm wide and covers the ears. You will love it!   10cm wide Fun Emoji Print Warm and very comfortable Pretty l ... (Read More)
€ 15,00
NEW ! Unicorn Pants
The most important things about a pair of figure skating pants are, 1. they have to be super comfortable to wear and 2. they have to make you feel special. These functional skating pants have both. They are made of warm, soft fleece material ... (Read More)
From € 63,00
NEW! Oil Slick Pants
This shiny oil slick net fabric sets colorful accents and provides the pants its unique look. These comfortable figure skating pants are made of soft fleece fabric (made in Italy). The inside of the ankle cuffs are made of oil slick net fabr ... (Read More)
From € 63,00
Black long-sleeve Shirt
A well fitted and warm long-sleeve shirt which can be combined with all pants or skirts. The collar and the cuff are with the soft side out which provides more comfort on the skin. Slightly tighter fit then the Swarovski Happy Smile jacket.  ... (Read More)
€ 44,00
Emoji T-Shirt
This fun and functional sports emoji tee is suitable for various active sports . It is made of light spandex material with a soft feel. Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously!    Made in the EU. ... (Read More)
€ 33,00 From € 23,00

About Funky Skating


Funky Skating is a fun brand for funky and functional Sports Wear. The aim is to offer comfortable sports clothing of good quality. Funky Skating is very proud of its newest collection. Good quality figure skating Wear with acquamarine Happy Smile made of real Swarovsi Crystals.


We love to see the skaters skate with passion and pride because we are convinced, that comfortable, feel-good sports wear may improve their performance. The sports clothing of Funky Skating may be worn as well on- as next to the ice. Check out the latest collection of practice wear here


The warm Swarovski Happy Smile figure skating pants have one back pocket with Swarovski Motiv. The training pants offer thermo protection on the ice, which helps regulating the body temperature. The skating pants and the jacket have tasteful contrasting borders and they are made of super comfortable fabric which is flat on the outside and soft on the inside. 


The beautiful Swarovski Happy Smile Figure Skating Jacket with two side pockets is a real novelty! The nice material allows free body movements.


We love the funky and comfy sports wear of Funky Skating and hope you will too.


About the founder


Funky skating is the creation of a Swiss ex- ice skater. She feels blessed to be able to share her enthousiasme and love for figure skating with you and by expressing her passion through her newest Swarovski Happy Smile ice skating collection and the EMOJI skating wear collection.


For years she used to practice figure skating and later she won, with her team multiple times the national synchronized skating championships and the 12th rank at the world championships in 2000 in Minneapolis. She participated in competitions in Europe, Canada and the United States with her team.


Currently she is practicing yoga and pilates, but besides her new passions, she has never lost her love for ice skating...


By watching her mother founding the first skating shop in Switzerland in 1992, where she spent hours, days (and nights) supporting her with great dedication to the clients, she acquired valuable knowledge of the industry, then moved to Holland and now feels the time has come to start her own business.


Always with the thought in mind to create skating apparel, that makes the skater happy, because with fun and dedication you can make your dreams come true.


We wish you Happy Ice skating!

It's one of funky skating's highest purpose to do honest and fair business with the clients as well as with the production company's. Therefore Funky Skating has consciously chosen to produce their clothing in Europe where fair salaries are being payed and where the workers are guaranteed to work in a good environment.


As a client please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, inputs or just to tell us what's on your mind. Your opinion is very important to us. Please contact us for any question: info@funkyskater.com

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Funky Skating - The Netherlands